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Architectural Goobledygook

In architecture school it was pretty clear that when it was time for your critique or salon that you were going to have to brush up on your “archi-speak”.  “Archi-speak” is a special language composed of very important sounding words that are used to make a profound statement that transcends the moment to something more grand.  Granted, to the credit of many of our esteemed jurors, what they had to say did exactly that, but to our infant minds it sounded like goobledygook.

Around that time I came across a guide to help one contribute, by using the “Do-It-Yourself Guide to Architectural Dialogue.”   I recently did a quick google search and came across several copies. I don’t know who is the author to give credit, but it puts a smile on my face everytime I create a new sentence.

Do-It-Yourself Architectural Dialogue

Do-It-Yourself Architectural DialogueAnother source is ArchiText. This is a downloadable app available on iTunes the generates sentences based on this guide, as well as submissions by users.