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Reawakening: David Rau @ TEDxRVA

David Rau of 3north recently gave an inspiring talk at TEDxRVA.  He discusses his reawakening after visiting Venice, Italy and realizing that the future Venice will look like the Venice of the past.  From this he discusses how we can have a better future for our world if the architecture of the future is more like the architecture of the past.

He discusses 4 cultural shifts, Food and Architecture, Happiness, Genetics, and Life & Architecture

Here are some snippets:

  • “people are in documented fact, happiest in traditional towns”
  • “we are our most authentic selves in the places built like the old parts of town, otherwise our lives are in danger”
  • “something made by hand can be the most efficient form of construction, craft is actually Green”
  • “the more we incorporate things that are handmade into buildings the more green they are”
  • “can an steel frame all glass house sitting in wetlands be considered green?”
  • “maybe the future won’t look futuristic but will look more like the past than you can imagine.”